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boiler1Staten Island Boiler Installation and Repairs

Quality can install or repair any type of boiler in your home or business.

Fully Licensed and insured

Fixing and Installing  your boiler on Staten Island for 2 generations


  • Boilers consist of two systems, Hot water and Steam
  • Boiler have the best longevity compared to other heating systems
  • They need fewer repairs, because they have less moving parts
  • Through radiators and baseboard heat is distributed evenly and low to the ground throughout the home for better efficiency
  • Hot water boilers raise the temperature in the rooms through baseboard
  • Steam boilers raise the temperature in the rooms through radiators. Steam heating adds moisture to the air in the very dry winter


boiler3NY Lic. #1306856

NJ Lic. #13vh03785600


24/7 Emergency Boiler Repair Service available at no extra cost

Call (866) COOL-609


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