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Is There a Problem with Your HVAC System?

January 13, 2012 1:39 PM : Blog

During these winter months your HVAC system will be working hard to keep you and your family nice and warm. The last thing you want during this cold weather is for your HVAC system to stop working, but do you know what to look for to know if that’s happening? Quality Cool & Heat Inc. knows how important it is to be able to tell when there is a problem, so how do you know if there is a problem with your HVAC system?


Your furnace does a great job of telling you when there is a problem. There are a lot of really obvious ways to know that something isn’t operating correctly. Your first clue will be problems starting up your furnace and difficulty heating up your space. This is especially an issue during these cold months! You might also find an exhaust smell coming from your furnace and into your living room. Other issues include water under your furnace or less efficiency in your heating. Something important you’ll want to look at is your burner flame. The flame should be blue. If the flame is yellow, this indicated a gas problem and could cause carbon monoxide poisoning. If you see a yellow flame, leave the house and call for help


Air Conditioning units also have obvious symptoms when there is a problem with them. You’ll definitely notice the excessive noise you might have when your air conditioning unit isn’t performing properly. There will also be a reduced efficiency which can show up as more costly bills. If you feel in front of your vents, there is commonly a decrease in the air that should be flowing from your vents. Stale/bad smells coming from your air conditioning is another sign that there is a problem with the unit. You may also notice that your A/C is cycling on and off more than it usually does, which indicates a problem with your thermostat.

The last thing you need during these cold winter months is to deal with a huge problem with your HVAC system that could have been prevented if you’d noticed the signs! Quality Cool & Heat Inc. wants you to be prepared to deal with any HVAC problem that you may come across, and we’ll be here to help you! Quality Cool & Heat Inc. is dedicated to providing customers with the best HVAC services so that you’re not left out in the cold this winter! ‘Like’ us on Facebook for more information on our services and to learn more about HVAC systems!

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HVAC 101 with Quality Cool & Heat

January 13, 2012 1:28 PM : Blog

Most of us have heard the term HVAC. You probably know that your HVAC system is what keeps the temperature in your home. How much do you really know about your HVAC system though? HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning, but the details after heating and cooling can get confusing. Quality Cool & Heat is here to tell you what you need to know about the HVAC system in your home.


Central heating is what is used to heat your home with an HVAC system. It uses a boiler, furnace or a heat pump to heat water that in turn transfers heat to the rest of your home. The process of water being used as a way to transfer heat is called hydronics. The heat is then pumped through the ducts which are how the heat keeps the rest of your home warm.


Ventilation is how air is changed in a space in order to control the temperature, remove moisture, odors, smoke, heat, dust or airborne bacteria from a space. Basically, the indoor air quality is controlled through ventilation. You will most often find mechanical ventilation in your kitchens and bathrooms, to remove moisture and smoke quickly. Natural ventilation is done through open windows and trickle vents.

Air Conditioning:

This process is a little more confusing than the others. You get cool air conditioning by removing the heat in a space. There are four elements that go into cooling the air. First a compressor pumps gas, which then enters into a heat exchanger. From the heat exchanger the gas loses energy and eventually is condensed into a liquid called refrigerant. When this liquid evaporates, the heat from a space is removed, which is what makes the space cool.

HVAC is trying to become more energy efficient! As we continue to make progress in technology, energy efficiency is becoming more and more important. Ask us about the energy efficiency of your HVAC system and how you can become more energy efficient! There are some things you can look out for with your system that can also save you. Your HVAC system should be looked at by a professional at least once a year to properly maintain it. Give Quality Cool & Heat a call to schedule maintenance to your HVAC system! Some services include air conditioner, equipment or heater repair, custom duct work and duct cleaning. Don’t forget to clean your filters at least once a month so they work properly.

HVAC systems aren’t so difficult to understand when you know more about them! Now that you know everything you need to know about the HVAC system in your home, you can better understand what to do if you have a problem. ‘Like’ Quality Cool & Heat on Facebook to learn more about what we can do to help your HVAC system!

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Have Your Ducts Cleaned

January 12, 2012 7:52 PM : Blog

Have you been suffering from an unexplained or long lasting illness that you think you might be picking up from your home? Sometimes, the air ducts that feed air throughout our homes can get built up with a large amount of dust or mold that can lead to health problems within your home. Unsure whether duct cleaning is right for you? Quality Cool and Heat is here with some reasons why duct cleaning is important!

  • Dust in your ducts can lead to a lot of problems for allergy sufferers. If there is anyone in your home who suffers from allergies, the dust in your ducts will irritate their symptoms. If you think about it, these ducts are what feed the air you’re breathing to your home, so if the ducts are dirty your air will be dirty.
  • You’ll get more efficiency with your HVAC system if your ducts are clean. Your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to push the air throughout your home, so you’ll be saving money!
  • If you have anything in your home that would add to buildup in your ducts, you should consider having them cleaned. These reasons include pets, smokers or any recent renovation.

The choice to get your ducts cleaned might be something that you’ve debated having done but are unsure whether it’s worth it. Can you think of anything more important than your family’s health? Cleaning your ducts will improve your health and energy efficiency, so the answer is easy! Give us a call at Quality Cool and Heat for more information on our duct cleaning packages and to make an appointment for a consultation! ‘Like’ us on Facebook to learn more about our products and services!

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Tips for Saving Money on Your Heating Bill

January 11, 2012 9:57 PM : Blog

During these cold months, your heating bills can skyrocket! Did you know that there are things you can do to save on your heating bills though? Your heating bills don’t have to be high for you to be comfortable and we’re sharing some tips for saving money on your heating bill!

Furnace heating:

  • Get your furnace serviced before each heating season. This will save you money in heating bills as well as money in repairs you could have avoided by having a service before using it.
  • Keep your temperature set between 65-75 degrees. If your system is below 65 degrees it will run but not warm up enough, which wastes energy. If your system is above 75 degrees, you’re also wasting energy.
  • Energy Star appliances can save you around $586 per year! If you install an Energy Star furnace in your home you’ll be using less energy which will lower your bills significantly.
  • Clean the warm and cold air registers on your furnace. This will make sure that your furnace is running properly at the correct temperatures.

Hot water heating:

  • Keep your hot water heater insulated so that you don’t lose any heat.
  • Set the temperature low if you’re going to be away for a longer amount of time. Don’t lower it if you’re going away for a weekend, as it will take more energy to reheat the water after this short amount of time.
  • Keep your heat setting low, but not lower than 120 degrees.
  • Flush your hot water tank once a year to avoid any buildup in the system.

At Quality Cool and Heat, we know how important it is to save some money on your heating bills this winter! By following these tips, you’ll save money on your bills be still stay comfortable throughout the cold months. When you’re getting ready to have your system serviced, or need a repair or replacement, give Quality a call! We can help you with any of your HVAC needs and get your systems working again so that you can stay nice and warm! ‘Like’ us on Facebook for more information about our products and services and to learn how we can help you stay warm!

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Differences Between Gas and Oil

January 10, 2012 5:27 PM : Blog

Most of you probably know that there are two different ways to heat your home. Some homeowners have homes with gas systems, and some have homes with oil systems. While both systems work well to serve their purpose, it’s important to know what the difference between gas and oil in your HVAC system is so you can make informed decisions!

Gas systems:

  • Burns clean
  • Highly efficient
  • Less expensive
  • Won’t run out

Oil systems:

  • Provides more heat
  • When well maintained it will burn clean
  • Messier to clean up if it’s not maintained correctly
  • Can run out

Both gas and oil systems provide heat to your home and both rely on burners. They are both safe and reliable options and there is no real reason why one is any better than the other! Whichever system you choose for your home will definitely work; you just have to choose the right one for you! Gas systems are the most common, whereas oil is more common in the Northeast USA. At Quality Cool & Heat, we want you to be informed about the differences between these systems so you can choose which is best for you! If you need a repair or replacement of your HVAC system, we can help you! ‘Like’ us on Facebook for more information on our products and services!

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Quality: Rundown on Services

January 6, 2012 9:28 PM : Blog

At Quality Cool & Heat, we understand how important it is to provide the best services to our customers. We are proud to be able to provide a wide variety of services so that we can continue to have satisfied customers! Our services start with heating and cooling and even ranges to air cleaning, humidifiers and thermostats! Here are some of our offered services at Quality Cool & Heat:

  • Emergency services on any of your HVAC equipment
  • Duct work customized to your building
  • Cleaning of your ducts to avoid issues and keep your home energy efficient
  • Diagnostically trained technicians who are fully insured
  • Technicians on duty 24 hours a day for emergencies
  • Service to all major HVAC brands, even your pool heater!
  • Preventative maintenance to ensure that you’ll be comfortable year round!
  • Hot water heating in your home
  • Refrigeration services to your commercial buildings
  • Home remodeling and reconstruction

We also provide service to air conditioners, cooling/heating air conditioning systems, heat pumps, ventilation equipment, air conditioner accessories and controllers!

We are happy to provide service to all your major HVAC brands so that we are able to best serve you. At Quality Cool & Heat, we know how important your comfort is to you, and it’s important to us as well! If you’re looking for a repair or replacement of your HVAC system, you’ve come to the right place! No matter what the issue is, we’re happy to help! Give us a call at NY – (718) 370-9000 / NJ – (732) 308-2229 to learn more about what we can do for you! Don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook for more information on our products and services!

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Frequently Asked Questions with Quality Cool and Heat

January 4, 2012 10:33 PM : Blog

At Quality Cool & Heat, we want to make sure you know everything you need to know about your HVAC system so that you can make sure that it’s always working at its best! By following the directions in our most frequently asked questions, you can keep your HVAC system running at 100%!

What Can I Do If My Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Well?

The first thing you should do is check your electrical box to see if any fuses have been blown. Next, check your thermostat to be sure it is properly set. You might want to perform a test by setting the temperature at least 10 degrees below its usual setting to see if the system turns on. Be sure all of the air vents are open and are not blocked. If the problem persists, you should call Quality Cool and Heat Inc. to schedule a professional to come out and check your system.

How Do I Know If I Need To Replace my Furnace Filter?

If you haven’t replaced your filter in more than a month, it is time to change it. It is recommended to visually inspect filters and filtering equipment monthly. You will probably know if it needs immediate changing. If the filter looks dirty, it needs to be cleaned or replaced. Maintenance on your filters will increase efficiency and life of your system.

Do you have a suggested temperature to set my thermostat?

Most importantly you want to set your thermostat at a temperature that will make you comfortable. Revisit your settings when high summertime temperatures set in. You might want to set it 15 degrees below the outside temperature if it isn’t already. It is important to remember that once you have found a comfortable temperature, leave it be. Turning your system up and down will cost more in the long run.

If you still have any questions after reading these FAQ’s, check out our website for much more! We hope that these FAQ’s help you, but if they don’t, we are always available to help you ourselves! At Quality Cool & Heat, we are dedicated to helping our customers stay comfortable and happy all year long, so give us a call for any maintenance you might need! Don’t forget to ‘Like’ us on Facebook for more information on our products and services!

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Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling with Quality Cool & Heat

October 21, 2011 1:47 PM : Blog

If your utility bills have been steadily increasing, you might want to make some energy improvements within your home. Often, HVAC equipment such as the furnace, heat pump, air handler and air conditioning units are to blame. Taking steps to remedy these issues will reap a number of benefits, both more »

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Go Green with Quality

July 14, 2011 1:40 PM : Blog, Featured Home

We can install products to save your wallet and the environment. Energy saving heating and cooling products are newly manufactured products designed to run more efficiently than older counterparts. When purchasing one of these newer products, look for the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE. Another thing to watch for is the Seasonal Efficiency Rating. Ask about programmable thermostats that allow you to schedule temperature changes in your home at any time of the day to save during warmer parts of the day.

Heating and cooling products for your home include solar water heaters and geothermal heating and cooling systems. Solar panels will be installed on your roof and then sun will heat your homes water as it circulates. This “green” step can save you 50 to 90% on your gas and electricity bill. Savings will vary based on location.

Geothermal systems are more intensive, but can save you a tremendous amount of money. The way the system works is by moving heat around rather than by converting chemical energy (the way a furnace would.) There are three major subsystems: Geothermal heat pumps move heat while an Earth connection transfers the heat between the building and the fluid of the Earth connection. The final subsystem is distribution which delivers the heat or air.

We also offer tankless water heaters. Energy going into the water heater accounts for up to 30 percent of the average home’s energy bill. A tankless water heater can save your home around $70 to $80 per year. This might not sound like a large amount, but making your home an all around energy efficient home will save you hundreds!

Installing energy savers in your home can not only save you money on your bills, but also on your taxes. To view what products and changes can get you tax credit, visit the following link: Products Eligible for Tax Credits Through 2016

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The Experts in Home and Business Cooling and Heating

July 8, 2011 1:38 PM : Blog, Featured Home

Quality Cool and Heat Inc. is family owned and operated for more than 40 years.
All of our employees are EPA certified and OSHA trained.

We’ll Beat Any Price Guaranteed!

  • 0% financing for one year for pre-approved customers
  • Same Day, 24 Hour Service
  • Emergency Services
  • Free Estimates
  • Financing
  • Hot Water Heater Service
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Fully Insured
  • Service Contract Available
  • Air Conditioning Installation, Sales, Repairs & Services

Quality Cool and Heart Inc. is part of the division of Home Improvement Contractors
and the Better Business Bureau of NY & NJ

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