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Winter Heating Problems

March 19, 2018 10:24 AM : Blog

Winter is usually not a fun time to be outside. The temperatures are low, and the ground is covered in snow or slush. We come home to get a reprieve or break from the weather outside. There are few worse experiences to be had as a homeowner then finding out there is no heat in your home in the dead of winter. If the temperatures outside are low enough, it can even create dangerous situations for the house and people living inside of it. Below, we compiled a list of the most commonly experienced winter heating problems. If you notice your system is suffering from any of the below issues, you should reach out to us today for repairs on Staten Island or in Brooklyn.

  1. Frequent cycling: this is when a system is continually turning itself on and off without being prompted to do so. This is usually an easy fix. To fix the problem ensure that the filter is clean and operational.
  2. Inconsistent room temperatures: systems can be inconsistent, and homes can release heat differently in different rooms
  3. Odd noises: usually noises are indicators that something bad is happening that cannot be seen. Don’t just deal with sounds: find out why your system is making odd noises.
  4. Carbon monoxide leaks: this problem threatens the life and health of individuals in the home. Make sure your home has a fully functioning carbon monoxide detector.

Regardless of what is causing your problem, our team can handle it. We can identify and fix all heating problems. During the summer we also deal with air conditioning Staten Island and air conditioning Brooklyn.

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Winter Preparations to Optimize AC Units for Summer Usage

March 13, 2018 10:05 AM : Blog

Summertime can be a nice change of pace from the long, dark and cold days of Winter. Most individuals spend their time daydreaming of warmer days, but instead, they should be making necessary and important home improvements and repairs. One of the most critical home devices to be mindful of as Winter turns to Spring is the air conditioning systems used within the home. It is a terrible (but avoidable) experience to turn on an air conditioner on the first warm day of the season only to find that the system is not optimally working.

  • The best time of year to have an air conditioner inspected is the tail-end of the winter and the beginning months of spring. It is possible to save money when examining systems correctly.
  • A broken system will usually drain energy, which will cause monthly bills to go up.
  • It is cheaper to make minor repairs as opposed to major versions.
  • Hiring HVAC repair professionals is cheaper during these times (waiting till summer means the busy season for most companies).

Our talented team works with air conditioning Staten Island and air conditioning Brooklyn. Give us a call today and let us help you stay comfortable in your home this spring and summer.

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Common Reasons Gas Furnaces Blow Cold Air

February 20, 2018 6:13 AM : Blog

During the winter, you do not want your furnace to blow cold air. Unfortunately, problems arise that cause furnaces to malfunction, which forces the system to push out cold air into your rooms. If you notice this problem, do not panic and give us a call today. We work with heating Staten Island and Brooklyn. When a gas furnace blows cold, it could be one of three standard reasons.

1)      Is your thermostat set to ON? When a furnace only blows out cold air intermittently, even though the blower is running consistently, a furnace will push out cold air. A blower is designed to push air through your system, but if the furnace is not heating air, then only cold air will be available. Sometimes, this problem can be corrected by switching the thermostat’s fan setting to AUTO.

2)      A furnace will protect itself from overheating. If you notice that your furnace blows hot, then cold, and then stops altogether, there is a substantial likelihood that your furnace is overheating. A furnace will turn itself off before getting too hot. This problem is usually attributed to dirty air filters.

3)      The pilot light of a gas furnace can go out, and then your system will not blow hot air at all. There are several solutions for fixing a pilot light, so it is best to trust professionals to identify the problem.

Let our talented team help you stay warm this winter. For heating Brooklyn or Staten Island, let us be your first call.

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Heating and Cooling Commercial Systems

February 20, 2018 6:11 AM : Blog

A commercial heating system is built to be more robust than its residential counterpart. It is built this way because it works substantially harder than home heating and cooling systems. Commercials systems are built to be worked hard, and they are also designed to last longer than home systems. All HVAC systems have a general lifespan (even commercial systems). It is important not to forget to maintain and repair your system. All to often, landlords or property managers will neglect regular maintenance and will forego making small repairs. Turning a blind eye will only amount to future problems that cause people discomfort and cost you money in repairs or replacements.

We offer consolations to identify any faults or short-comings in your system. We help maintain, repair and upgrade existing commercial HVAC systems. If you are in the market for a new system and devices, we can evaluate your space to help determine what would be best.

In New York City, winters can get cold. We expect buildings and rooms to be warm so that we can have a momentary reprieve from the cold. Let us help you ensure that you are comfortable in your space, no matter what the weather is outside. Call us for heating Staten Island and heating Brooklyn.

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HVAC Systems and Pets

January 21, 2018 3:09 AM : Blog

A pet can warm up a home and put a smile on peoples faces, but at the same time, they can also harm your HVAC system. There are specific factors to take into account when owning pets (especially ones that shed). Being mindful of both your pets and HVAC systems can allow you to breath cleaner air, reduce energy costs, and significantly lessen the need for heating repair Staten Island or Brooklyn. A pet owner should:

1)      Always make sure that your HVAC air filters are clean. Pets that shed leave hair all over. This fur is on the floor and in the air. It gets pulled in to the HVAC system and is caught by the filter. Pet dander is also a big problem. Even hairless animals give off dander (which is the central part of animals that people are allergic too), and that dander gets picked up in the filters as well. A clogged filter will make it harder to breathe for someone who suffers from pet allergens. Make sure you are inspecting your screen frequently. If it is dirty, you must clean it. If it is old, it must be replaced. Cleaning should be done more regularly when you own pets.

2)      Consider having annual duct cleaning. Dander and fur build up in these areas and cause problems throughout the house. Our talented team can help clean ducts and remove all dander, hair, dirt, and other debris. Call us for heating in Brooklyn.

3)      For a system to blow hot or cold, all vents must be open. Pets who climb might knock or bump units, and they can inadvertently shut vents. Periodically check to make sure they are all open.

For heating Brooklyn or heating Staten Island, turn to us first!

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Why is my Furnace Short Cycling?

January 9, 2018 7:50 AM : Blog

A furnace is a machine that all homes have, and when they are turned on, they are expected to work. They help to circulate hot air throughout a space on a cold, winters day. These machines, like most others, break with constant usage. No system is designed to last forever. Noticing problems in your system and having them repaired quickly is one of the best ways to stay warm, keep energy bills down, and prolong the life of your system. If you notice that your system is short cycling (frequently turning itself off and on), you should call us to inspect your furnace.

There are three common reasons why a furnace will begin short cycling:

As the air filter of an HVAC system or heater gets dirty, air begins to flow less-freely. The extra work and lack of circulation can cause systems to overheat and shutdown. An air filter should be cleaned roughly once a month and should frequently be replaced. Stop breathing dirty air and clean your filters. We can help inspect filters and install new ones.

Broken or improperly installed thermostat: Both analog and digital thermostats can break down, which will cause your system to blow inconsistently. Having our technicians repair your thermostat should get your system working correctly.

The size of your system: If the system is too big, it will cause the home to heat quickly, which will then turn off the furnace. A small system will not be able to handle the output and will frequently shut itself off.

For heating Staten Island or heating Brooklyn, let us be your first call.

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Winterizing Your Home

December 18, 2017 7:06 AM : Blog

Many individuals in the North East dread the cold of winter. Most do not like feeling cold all the time. During this time of year, the home is supposed to be a sanctuary. For those who do not test systems before the cold, you may be in for an unfortunate breakdown with your furnace during the holiday season. Let our team help bring you efficient heating on Staten Island and Brooklyn. We can help you:

  1. Clean filters and ducts: Because of inactivity over the summer, dust and dirt will collect in heating systems, ducts, and vents. Our talented technicians can help you to thoroughly clean your system. Making this change will reduce odors in the air and will make air cleaner. If filters are broken or dirty, we can help you to replace them.
  2. Test thermostats and efficiency of the system: It is not uncommon for thermostats to malfunction, which means it will become difficult to control the consistent temperature in rooms. We will also make sure your system is blowing out air efficiently from vents.
  3. Keep your furnace clean: When these systems are kept in basements (especially unfinished ones), there is a high tendency for the machine to collect dirt, dust, and mold. Not only will cleaning a system make it perform better, but it will also substantially reduce the potential of a fire.

Let us help you stay comfortable and warm this winter. Call us for heating Staten Island and heating Brooklyn.

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Avoid Black Air Filters This Winter

December 8, 2017 12:39 PM : Blog

We expect that the air we are breathing in our homes and workplaces is clean and fresh, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. To protect your air, you must be diligent with cleaning, monitoring, and replacing air filters inside your home or office HVAC system. During the winter months, windows get shut, and the air is continually circulated through an enclosed space, so during this time, it is essential to protect your HVAC’s filters.

If a filter is turning grey with dirt and debris, the filter is not properly working. If the filter is entirely black, you must call for heating Staten Island or Heating Brooklyn because your problem is more significant than a dirty filter.

One of the primary causes of black filters is:

If mold is growing inside the system, a filter can turn black. Dampness from an evaporator coil will mix with excess dirt and dust in the systems, which is perfect breeding ground for black and sooty mold. The mold can spread throughout the system. We can thoroughly clean your systems to eradicate all mold, mildew, dirt, and dust.

Other causes include:

  • Over 90 days of usage
  • High amounts of pet dander, dust, and pollen in the air
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Candle Soot
  • Fireplace Soot

A black filter is a clear sign that your HVAC is circulating dirty and unhealthy air. Call for heating Brooklyn or heating Staten Island to keep your air fresh this winter.

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To Replace or Not to Replace

November 18, 2017 7:33 AM : Blog

Replacing a furnace is never a wasted experience. Having to deal with the expensive purchase and then hiring an HVAC technician to install it is a bill that no one genuinely looks forward too. In many cases, individuals will make small fixes to extend the life of their current machine. There are times where replacing a furnace is the most efficient and economical option, but unfortunately, that is not always the case. For all homeowners, there will come a day where replacing your heating system is the smart option. How does an individual know when to make this difficult decision? Ask yourself these questions to have a better understanding of the life of your system.

  1. How old is your machine? All heating systems are sold with an average operating lifespan. Different devices have different averages. Some systems can work up to 8 years whereas others are designed to work for at least 20 years. If your heating unit is rather old (on or past its recommend life cycle), you should consider replacing.
  2. How expensive was your energy bill last winter? Heating bills will always go up in the winter time, but the performance of your system can help dictate how much that monthly statement will go up. Older systems are less energy efficient, and so they require more power to maintain the same heat as modern units.
  3. How frequently are you making repairs to your system?
  4. How does the system perform overall?
  5. How much rust and corrosion are on your machine?

For more information about heating Staten Island and heating Brooklyn, we are the first call to make. We want to help keep you warm this winter.

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Listening to the Needs of Your Heating System

November 8, 2017 10:06 AM : Blog

As winter approaches, it is essential for all homeowners to test, maintain, repair, or replace their furnace or heating system. No one should have to go through cold days and nights with insufficient heating. Before the temperatures drop too much, you should run your machine to give it a performance evaluation. Does heat pump out and is the heat a desirable temperature? Does your system make weird or unusual noises? Listening to the sounds your system makes is one of the easiest ways to determine if you need heating repair on Staten Island.

Noises to listen for include:

  • High pitched whistling or squealing: If you notice high pitched sounds emanating from your machine, there is a likely chance that either your system needs to be lubricated or you have a broken blower bel
  • Scraping: this is one of the worst noises you can hear, and so when you do it is recommended to turn the system off and call for heating repair. Scraping happens when ball bearings in the system wear out, which will begin to cause irreparable damage to your system.
  • Rattling, vibrating, rocking: This problem can be small with a simple fix, like when the cover panel becomes loose.  If the problem is a result of a cracked heat exchanger, then there could be gases leaking into the home for all to breath

Take care of your heating system before it breaks-down in the middle of winter. For heating Staten Island or Heating Brooklyn, we are the place to call!

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