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Having A Choice In What Air Conditioning Unit You Get

Living without an air conditioner can be rather difficult at times, and at Quality Cool & Heat we want to make sure you are never too hot in your own home. Whether you are in the market for a new air conditioner, or you old one is just on the fritz, we are the HVAC company that can help you quickly and effectively.

Quality Cool & Heat has experience with all different types of air conditioning units, so no matter what you need or want we can help you.

  • There is the traditional Window & Through Wall air conditioner. In essences what this product does is it takes warm air from inside your home and brings it outside. While that is happening the unit takes in warm air from the outside, cools it, and blows it out into the room.
  • We work with Split Systems or Mini-Splits. These systems allow you target specific rooms easier, without the need of a window or a whole in the wall. With the split systems the air is run for some distance before hitting the outside.
  • Evaporative Coolers are another product we work with. These products work best in dry climates, by pulling dry air into a wet pad or sponge like items. The air is cooled by the water and the machine pumps it out to your room(s).

There are a lot of other different machines that we work with, so if you don’t see you system above give us a call. Our experience in the filed of air condition repair and instillation gives us the knowledge and expertise to fix or install and all unit. There are options out there for you, so it is best too know what you can get before you go out and buy. Give us a call today, so we can help you stay cool this summer.

Air Conditioning Staten Island and HVAC Brooklyn : Summer is Almost Here

The summer is almost upon us again; although it is still cold it is time to start thinking about staying cool this summer. When the heat actually hits you won’t want to be left out to sweat. When searching air conditioning Staten Island you will find the answers to your air conditioning problems. When you research and price air conditioning systems and services now it is usually cheaper than when done in the hot seasons. Also, when searching for air conditioning services it is smart to work with someone local, so I highly recommend searching for air conditioning Staten Island. When the work is done locally you usually find big time savings. Combining local work savings with the savings due to the time of year, it would be silly not to act now. At least you should go out and search for air condition solutions on Staten Island. Your customers and employees will thank you when the sun starts to burn and you store or office provides no relief.

Air Conditioning Staten Island: The Possibilities are Endless

Air conditioning on Staten Island is a rather important subject matter, because Staten Island requires all sorts of Air Conditioning needs. This ranges from industrial air conditioning to single family home air conditioning. When searching air conditioning Staten Island one can find solutions for all sorts or air conditioning needs. From the purchasing to the repairs, Staten Island air conditioning companies can service your needs. It may take some searching a little resilience to find the perfect match for your needs and prices, but it can be done. When searching air conditioning Staten Island try and be specific with what you want and need. This will help to narrow your search. You may need to make a few phone calls or schedule a few appointments, but in the end it will be worth it. I know, because I went through a long vetting process. I saved over $200 on the first instance, and since have used and recommended their services multiple times. Find your perfect fit for air conditioning on Staten Island

Air Conditioning Staten Island and Brooklyn: What to do when you need air conditioning in the home?

It is almost summer time and I have to start thinking about air conditioning. Last summer, at the end, my one air conditioner began to stop working. I’m afraid to see what will happen when I plug it in this summer, so I’m thinking about just replacing it. I needed to by a new another one anyway. I searched air conditioning Staten Island and HVAC Brooklyn hoping to find a deal on two air conditioning systems. My search turned up a few local air conditioning services and after speaking with a sale representative I bought and had the two new air conditioning units installed. I know that when I go out tomorrow I will be wearing a winter coat, but I know that in a few months when I come home in shorts and flip-flops that I will able to cool down right away. I’m glad I searched air conditioning Staten Island.

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